#What is metabolism and how metabolism affects us

Metabolism is the process of recycling of food consumed. Which determines the metabolism. metabolic rate is dependent on several factors. For example particularly hormonal. There is a dependence on the activity of the thyroid gland. Many people think their fullness because of poor metabolism. In fact this is misleading.


Horoscope for August 2016

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  • Lunar calendar for each day
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    dream Interpretation

    East horoscope for 2016

    According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 will be held under the auspices of the fiery Monkey. This does not mean that this year will be happier or better than the last, but certainly become more productive, more focused and organized. In 2016, some individuals will be able to reach their full potential and open new opportunities. People sign of the Monkey, as full owners in 2016 will live an interesting, but very busy year, in fact they will have to accept to take on a huge responsibility, and solve problems not only personal, but also social.

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    Favorable days in 2016

    Astrologers have created a specially designed calendar successful days in 2016. It reflects the good times for your efforts, according to the phases of the moon, as well as indicate where the Moon at a certain time relative to the zodiacal constellations.
    Lunar calendar will be indispensable for gardeners, for anyone who decided to change her hair, marry, take health and many others.
    Now no one has any doubt that the Moon is a very strong influence on the person, on his body, psychological and physical condition, and even the subconscious. It has an effect on the behavior of animals, plant growth and other processes occurring on our planet. Therefore, do not neglect the valuable advice elective astrology.

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    Horoscope for Taurus January

    Representatives of the mark in the first month of the new year will be very popular among his entourage. Get ready for an active discussion of your talents, the smooth handling for advice, attempts to draw you to the plans of others.
     Taurus Horoscope advises independently determine for themselves the reaction to all this. However, the stars show that your refusals of requests and offers are not too will affect the relationship.

    Love sphere representative sign goes well. Current novel will be a source of great pleasure: with your beloved Taurus will enjoy the care and attention. In January, you will learn to calm and cautious approach to problem solving, and many domestic issues.

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    Children's horoscope for 2016


    Gemini Children are extremely active and restless this year, which is not too good. Parents can not just hear about the antics of their children, who will play pranks and behaving inappropriately. It is very important without shouting and recriminations to teach a child how to behave and to explain how to behave. The rest of the problems with the Twins will not occur.

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    The need to travel frequently in 2016 and will be the representatives of the sign Cancer. Moreover, many of them do not go abroad on holiday, and your loved one, whom he met at the beginning of the year. It is expected that the work or for peace of these people will make not one, but several trips this year.

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    Horoscope for 2017


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